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Teri Lynn Kalawakua Shugart, Esq.
Licensed in Hawaii and California

Teri Shugart

I have a sophisticated Silicon Valley business and tax practice, but without the intimidating atmosphere and administrative overhead you might find with other law offices. I pride myself in being client-oriented, approachable and definitely not stuffy.

Most of my clients are local small business owners or real estate investors, many of whom had never used a lawyer before coming to me.


4348 Waialae Avenue, Suite 432
Honolulu, Hawaii 96816
(808) 517-6426

1180 San Carlos Avenue, Suite 1013
San Carlos, California 94070
(650) 508-8682

My Areas of Expertise

– Incorporating a company or starting an LLC

– Selling or merging a business

– Investing in a start-up

– Buying or selling property

– Signing a building lease

– Signing an employment agreement

– Starting a non-profit company

– Tax advice for all of the above

Meet Teri

My husband and I are parents to three children:  Arely, a recent high school graduate and an intern in the conservation and sustainability program with Kupu Hawaii (AmeriCorps); Carly, an elementary school teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area, married to Clinton and the parents of Jordan Kainoa; and Mitchell, a wig designer and drag queen in San Francisco (drag name is Laundra Tyme) and engaged to Bobby.  My husband, Jim, is retired but he cooks dinner and fixes everything, so we eat and live well.

I invite you to check out my Biography page to learn more about who I am, and to review my Fees and Billing Practices page to see how I’m different from a typical big firm transactional practice. I look forward to meeting you!

Jim and Teri

Jim and teri